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5 Day Fast Weight Loss | I Didn't Eat Food For 5 Days, Here's What Happened

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Last year, I did four days; this year, I'll do five. Maybe in 25 years I'll be travelling for a month at a time (probably not).

Do you want to try your own extended fast? So, you're about to plunge into my first 5-day fast's article/diary/question and answer format documentation.

I started by answering some of the questions I wish I had known before embarking on a 5-day fast, and then followed up with a day-by-day journal entry and some additional resources to learn more.

Disclaimer: What you're about to read isn't medical advice; rather, it's anecdotal stories from my first five-day fast. I'm not a doctor. Seek professional medical advice if you are unsure about anything.

Quick-fire questions

Why did you decide to go on a five-day fast?

Aside from the numerous health benefits, the main reason for going was to experience what it was like to go five days without food.

If you'd told me three years ago that I'd go five days without food and operate almost normally, I'd have told you to f*ck off.

How did you begin your five-day fast?

My last meal was on Sunday night because I decided to fast from Monday to Friday. I kept the carbs to a minimum (chicken and greens).

The goal here is to reduce the amount of excess glycogen in your body so that you can enter ketosis more quickly. Switching from glycogen to ketones as a primary fuel source is usually one of the most difficult parts of an extended fast.

On Monday morning, I went for a long walk (90 minutes or so, but it could have been longer) to continue burning off excess glycogen.

High-intensity exercise on the first morning is also recommended.

How much weight did you lose while fasting?

My average weight over the course of five days was as follows:

Day 1 weight: 74.85kg (165.0lbs)

Day 2 weight: 73.30kg (161.6lbs)

Day 3 weight: 72.90kg (160.7lbs)

Day 4 weight: 72.60kg (160.0lbs)

Day 5 weight: 71.80kg (158.3lbs)

Day 6 (1 day after fasting): 71.42kg (157.4lbs)

Day 12 (1 week after fasting): 71.78kg (158.2lbs)

I used averages because I'm normally the lightest when I first get up and go to the bathroom. Then, when I drank water throughout the day, my weight would rise.

What did you eat and drink during your fast?

Water, sparkling water, ice, and ordinary magnesium pills (2-3 sprinkles at a time, I never measured it) (2 per night on days 2, 3, 4).

Did you work out during your fast?

Yes. Every morning began with a leisurely, low-stress stroll.

On the first night, I played 40 minutes of touch football. Then on days 2, 4, and 5, I went to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and lifted weights.

I kept to compound movements like deadlifts, pull-ups, bench press, and walking lunges when it came to weight lifting. The volume and weights were roughly 70-80 percent of what I normally do, with a time limit of 20-25 minutes.

It took a little while to get going, but once the blood started flowing, I felt wonderful.

I usually felt the greatest after exercising throughout the fast.

What was the most difficult aspect of the fast ?
I started the five days with a buddy and my younger brother, but midway through the third day, my friend dropped out, and on the third day's night, my younger brother dropped out.

It's also difficult to miss out on mealtime traditions. One of my three favourite things in the world to do is eat food with my family and have a meal after a workout or as a reward for completing a chore. It's also an intriguing experience to sit with the family while they eat dinner and you sip water.

How did you spend your free time during the fast ?
A significant amount of time is spent doing nothing. You'd be surprised at how much time you waste eating. Between grocery shopping, meal preparation, eating, and cleaning up. None of this occurs while fasting. As a result, I discovered that I had a lot of free time.

Post-lunch naps have become popular. I'd usually spend the morning reading, writing, studying, or coding, then work out around lunch, take an afternoon siesta, get up and do a little more reading or work, Finish the day with a late-afternoon walk or another workout.

It was also fun to study the information provided by the Zero Fasting app while I was fasting. As you progress through the stages, the app updates and informs you about each one. Every day, I found myself reading blog posts and watching videos on the app that told me what was going on inside.

How did you find your concentration levels during the fast ?
I tried to keep the five days as normal as possible. That is, I would do everything I normally do: read, code, and write. My cognitive abilities showed little to no improvement. In fact, because I had more free time, I was able to concentrate better.

What did you use to break the fast ?
A salt-seasoned black angus sirloin steak.

I'd read on the Zero Fasting app that after a long fast, you should break it with a simple food, such as only one type of food, rather than multiple.

And if you feel good after eating only one type of food, you can gradually introduce more.

I felt great an hour after breaking the fast with steak, so I ate some salad and almond butter.

I can confirm that hunger is the best seasoning (despite the fact that I wasn't hungry).

How did you sleep last night?
My sleep had been disrupted during a previous fast, but this one was different. I didn't noticed any major significant changes in my sleep. Perhaps taking magnesium supplements before bedtime helped.

I did notice that I was waking up a little more dehydrated than usual, which made getting out of bed a little more difficult.

What were your blood ketone levels ?
I didn't start measuring blood ketones until the end of day 2, which is when ketosis begins to kick in.

My readings ranged from 0.2mmol/L on the night of day 2 to 3.4mmol/L on the morning of day 4 to 2.1mmol/L just before breaking the fast.

Unlike last year, I did not take blood glucose readings.

What was it like going to the toilet without eating anything ?
Uneventful. There wasn't much happening. I didn't use the toilet until the mornings of days 4 and 5.

Have you ever been hungry ?
Only at lunchtime on the first and second days, but even then, it felt more like being hungry out of habit (I usually only eat lunch and dinner) than hunger.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the further you progress, the less hungry you become. After 72 hours, the hunger hormone Ghrelin (the signal that tells your body you're hungry) drops to levels similar to those seen after a meal.

What became the first-class element approximately the rapid ?
Feeling in track with nature. It's indescribable however I felt as though I had nowhere to be and not anything to do, absolutely at peace however additionally geared up to seek if I had to. My primal instincts started out to kick in.

Would you do it again ?
Yes. 24-hours at the least 1-2 instances in keeping with month and 3-five days (perhaps longer) at the least as soon as in keeping with year.

Journal entry

I took notes at some point of and on the give up of every day to explain how I became feeling. I've copied them unedited here.

Day 1 †“ Monday twenty eighth September 2020

First ever five day rapid­fire. Started after regale on Sunday. Woke up this morning feeling great. Went for a prolonged perambulation with Sam. Sam & Dave & Chop are all doing it. It’s going to be cool to peer how they smell alongside the way.

Took development filmland and counted on this morning,74.8 kg, an excellent place to begin for me as I determined now no longer to head an inordinate quantum of over 75 kg again.

1030 pm. At the give up of day 1 now and laying in mattress feeling great. Had a snooze each through the day however I suppose that came substantially to remove the lesser caffeine. I suppose I ’ll do an prolonged rapid­fire at the least as soon as in keeping with time.

The different boys stated they feeling it. Their our bodies ought to now no longer be as acclimatized as mine is to being with out refections for an extended duration of time. Sam & Dave had been without a mistrustfulness empty. Dave indeed known as me and stated he came taking into consideration quitting. 

I ’m satisfied he did n’t. If he pulls thru he’s going to be a modified man. I may be too.
I ’m in lesser for the intellectual sport than the fleshly sport. Just to understand I can move five days with out refections if I wanted to. I ’ve carried out it ahead. Rehearsing for the worst case script.

Time for bed. I ’m feeling excellent. A little worn­out still that’s regular. I surprise how tonight’s sleep will move. Going to try to save the following day as a regular day and do the matters I generally would.

Day 2 †“ Tuesday twenty ninth September 2020

Woke up a bit latterly. Felt lesser worn­out also usual. Worked out after going to the restroom it came from being dehydrated. Had some sprinkles of swab in water and began out feeling better. Went for a perambulation with Sam and the puppies alongside the front. Sam informed me he generally wakes up
empty still now no longer a lot these days. Also we went lower reverse to the Nest and he counted in1.9 kg much lower (102.1 kg to100.2 kg) and I counted in1.8 kg much less as well,74.9 kg to73.1 kg.

Worked on a newsletter (you do n’t want authorization) and were given it posted these days with out a dramatizations.

No factual loss of attention. Could save operating with out interruption.
Senses like my haemorrhoid is shrinking (the only from getting choked the fuck out at my ultimate BJJ presentation).

Has n’t been as tons of a burden these days. Perhaps due to the fact I have n’t taken a shit but and whipping my burro has n’t irked it.
Have n’t taken a shit yet. Perhaps my frame is soaking up all the vitamins it had and is ready till without a mistrustfulness important earlier than going to the restroom.
Picked up Ketone and blood glucose cadence from domestic and going to check my stages after BJJ.
Sam and I went to health clubnasium and had a gradational begin still in the end while the blood were given transferring we ended up with a exquisite complete frame session grade bench press, deadlifts, lat pull campo/ pull­ups and shoulder press.
Noway simply felt empty currently besides for round noontime (while we went to the health clubnasium) however I smell this turned into formerly further out of dependence in place of out of a want for refections.
Had a snooze this autumn which went on longer than I allowed. Felt a touch tired and it turned into as though my frame turned into recharging itself. After getting up I felt first rate. No starvation only a steady glide of strength.
These form of naps is presumably caffeine exiting my frame. I discover I actually have those form of naps inside further than one days of giving up caffeine. Nearly like my frame is rediscovering its herbal strength stages.
Overall feeling exquisite, besides lacking the ritual of refections, it makes itself rewarded round mess cases. All different cases it’s forfeiture.
Going to awaken and be over halfway. That’s instigative. All upwardly from there.

Day 3 †“ Wednesday 30 September

Woke up and stayed in mattress for a touch at the same time as. Felt worn­out still latterly realised that turned into due to dehumidification. Woke up and had a many swab in water also felt exquisite. Went for a perambulation with Dad, Dave, Telarni, Wylder, Savannah and the puppies withinside the morning. Was warm so felt a touch lacklustre after that. We mentioned Tangalooma at the same time as tromping and all the epic feeds we ’re going to have over there. Not an excellent conception to speak roughly feasting at the same time as you’re withinside the center of a speedy.

Did a few writing while we were given domestic then laid down for a snooze. Again feeling a touch tired however not anything over the top. Was extra bloodless than some other day nowadays. he had to get a hoodie and a blanket to have a good sleep. After waking up had an extended warm bathe and felt better.

Finished the writing task I commenced withinside the morning withinside the afternoon. Had a exquisite degree of concentration. Knew I had to get it executed earlier than the stop of nowadays. 1000+ phrases at the fine system getting to know sources I̢۪ve determined withinside the beyond month.

Dave broke his speedy round noon nowadays. Sent thru a video. It broke my heart. He despatched thru that he turned into feeling exquisite this morning. Must̢۪ve been the stroll that modified it.

Sam broke his speedy round five:30pm at The Full Moon Hotel with a steak. He stated he̢۪d been feeling careworn all day considering meals. That̢۪s now no longer the way you need to sense. After consuming he felt exquisite and got here domestic and cooked dinner for the own circle of relatives.

When we offered elements for dinner, I walked thru the grocery store with Sam and felt in a entire kingdom of zen. I didn̢۪t want meals and my strength stages had been perfect. It turned into as though I turned into a monk. I loved that feeling.

Sitting at domestic with the own circle of relatives for dinner, meals turned into tempting however I regarded on and loved their company. I̢۪ve stated to myself I̢۪m going the total five days, so I̢۪m going to head the total five days.

Measured my blood ketones this night and got here in at 3.3mmol/L, deep into ketosis.

Overall feeling: Great. I’m in sit back mode. strength stages aren’t blasting thru the roof however they aren’t extraordinarily low either. I don’t sense hungry however I do sense the craving for the sensation of sitting down for a meal with others. That’ll come on Friday.

Time to sleep thru the following 8-nine hours or so of this speedy and awaken being a step closer. I̢۪m now no longer seeking to hurry it up, fine to revel in the manner to chortle approximately it later.

Day four – 1 October 2020

Woke up this morning and did the primary shit of this complete journey. It wasn̢۪t a great deal. Not solid, now no longer liquid however something.

Weighed in at 71.9kg earlier than ingesting a few salt in water.

Seems to be a not unusualplace theme: waking up dehydrated.

Went for a stroll with Sam and Slick, became round in advance than typical as it turned into getting warm.

Went to espresso with Josh, Sam and Slick, I sipped lemongrass tea and soda water at the same time as that they'd coffees. Felt fine. Zero starvation.

Speaking of 0 starvation, I̢۪ve had 0 starvation all day. Very counterintuitive.

Blood ketones had been at 3.3mmol/L this morning and 0.9mmol/L this night after training.

Went to health clubnasium with Sam at some stage in lunchtime and we were given a exquisite pump. He stated he turned into feeling awesome after breaking his speedy the day earlier than after which having meals in his device at some stage in the workout. Was so stoked to look him taking part in it as a great deal as he turned into. Did a few bench press, deadlift, shoulder press, pullups and completed with biceps and triceps. Felt first rate after. The pump is the cure.

Had a snooze after going to health clubnasium. Then wakened with lots of strength and did a few analyzing earlier than looking after equal e mail and replying to my students.

Trained BJJ withinside the night. Had some rolls and felt complete of strength. Not positive every person would̢۪ve observed I hadn̢۪t eaten in four days. Hell, I didn̢۪t even simply notice.

Home later this night yawning my cranium off. I̢۪m in uncharted territory now. This is formally the longest I̢۪ve ever long gone with out meals. I̢۪m going to awaken with round 12-hours to head.

I sense like a child going to sleep understanding it̢۪s his birthday tomorrow.

Overall feeling: Excited and happy with the beyond few days. It’s been a exquisite bonding enjoy with Sam as well. I’m so grateful for his help. I’m getting the sensation of being in song with the whole lot once more. A calmness I haven’t skilled regularly earlier than. Perhaps that’s now no longer the case externally, Sam stated I’ve been irritated the beyond few days. That’s now no longer how I sense internally though. All I understand is, I’m fortunate to have the sort of exquisite little brother and friend.

Day five – 2 October 2020

Woke up feeling the fine I̢۪ve felt withinside the previous few days. Plenty of strength. Zero starvation. Minor dehydration. A few sprinkles of salt and water constant it.

Took a shit for the second one time in five days. It turned into near liquid. Might were the magnesium pills I had final night (2 x excessive energy magnesium, I̢۪m now no longer positive what else they̢۪ve were given in them), I examine someplace an excessive amount of magnesium can come up with diarrhoea.

Walked by the side of the waterfront with Slick and the puppies. No one̢۪s out due to the fact anyone is away on college holidays. Enjoyed the quiet and pondered at the deep feel of calm I̢۪ve been feeling. It̢۪s difficult to position into phrases. But for the beyond 20-hours or so, I̢۪ve felt extra withinside the now than I can take into account feeling.

Spending the day as typical: studying, writing, transferring.

Going to accumulate dinner for this night, the group are coming spherical for steak night. I̢۪m excited however I don̢۪t want to consume (I understand I in the end do). If I saved feeling like this, I ought to preserve going.

Had a snooze at some stage in lunchtime. That appears to be the culture now.

Wrote a few code and spoke back to emails withinside the afternoon.

Went to health clubnasium with Sam at four:30pm and did a easy weightlifting session: dumbbell rows, bench press, overhead press, weighted lunges.

Came domestic from health clubnasium and organized dinner.

Went to BJJ and had a exquisite session, rolled with Jaz and Billy. Was puzzled via way of means of Jaz how I had a lot strength. Brooke (Jaz̢۪s friend) requested what turned into difficult, I advised her the equal issue I advised the fellow who requested me on Twitter: I neglected the ritual of consuming meals with own circle of relatives and friends, that̢۪s one in every of my preferred matters withinside the global to do.

Cooked dinner after BJJ, some steaks, broccolini, broccoli, cauliflower, cheese, Dave and some Telarni offered over combination of a Greek Salad.

Ended the quick at the Zero app and took a chew of steak. It melted in my mouth. Wasn̢۪t hungry in any respect however once I took a motorbike the transfer flipped and I remembered how precise it's miles to consume meals.

What an enjoy. Feeling jacked after having a meal. Weighed in at 11:00pm the lightest I̢۪ve been in a at the same time as: 71.7kg, lean and shredded.

This could be a ordinary issue each year.

Every morning of the quick, inclusive of the morning after breaking the quick, we took development shots. My aim wasn't weight reduction or any form of principal frame modifications however it turned into cool to look the whole lot tighten up.

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